The Crisis Management System allow us, through a modular designe, to provide our customers tools and knowledge to act before, during and after a crisis or emergency. 

Goals and objetives for each module are:

Before a Crisis:

Diagnose the Institution's preparation and organization to face a crisis. This implies:

  • General and specific evaluation of company bodies, included in crisis management, in order to keep operations continuity.

  • Evaluation and/or development of required action plans.

  • Identifying existing gaps. 

  • Elaborating development plan

During a Crisis:

Provide tools to MANAGE the crisis efficiently. 

The management is centered in four main areas:

  • People.

  • Strategies. 

  • Communications.

  • Legal Plan.

After a Crisis:

Once the emergency or crisis has ocurre, is necessary to adapt and get the lessons learned. Thus, in this module we provided the knowledge to achieve: 

  • Operations continuity.

  • Resilient culture.


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