Magister in Strategic Planning (Army War Collage), Master in Psicocoaching (UNIACC). Former Army Colonel, professor in Military Academy, and visiting professor in Army War Collage. Lecturer in Nova University (Florida, USA), Anáhuac University, and UNAM in México; ESE Business School.  Author of “Nou Se Chilyen”; “La dulce muerte” y “Ultima misión al morro de Arica”.

Enrique Gloffka R.

Defense expert in "Management, Command and Strategy", graduated from Collége Interarmées de Défense in France (Paris). Master in "Historical, Philological and Religious Studies" (Strategic thinking) in EPHE-Sorbonne, Paris. Specializations: Strategy, Geopolitics, and International Affairs, Privated Security. Former Army Colonel. With additional professional experience as advisor, researcher and teacher consolidated in nationals and internationals institutes, and in private security.

Aleksi Gloffka R.

Magister in Strategic Planning (Army War Collage), Magister in Education (Universidad de los Andes ). Former Army Colonel, Regional Director of The National Office of Emergency (ONEMI), in Magallanes Región (2014-2016). Army War College teacher in Strategic, Tactic, Intelligence, Planning, Special Operations, Command and Control, and Leadership. Advisor and rapporteur in Risk and Crisis Management, and Planning.

Involved in private and public projects of crisis and emergency planning at national, regional and communal levels.

Francisco Cortés O.

Magister in Strategic Planning (Army War College). Former Army Colonel. With consolidated national and international experience in planning and emergency matters as Chief of Planifications Department (Army General Staff), member of the 82nd Airborne Division Staff (US Army); student of Integrated Mission Planning Process in Canada and Mongolia, and Regional Advisor in UN Verification Mission in Colombia (Peace process with FARC-EP).    

Aquiles Gloffka R.

Agricultural Engineer (PUC). Diploma in Leaderchip and Coaching (UAI). Diploma in Agricultural Business (UAI), Diploma in Advance Finances (PUC), Diploma in Corporate Finances (Wharton School - Seminarium). 

14 years as Export Manager for Asia and Europe at Ventisquero vineyard. 

9 years as Administration and Finances Manager at Agrosuper Company.

5 years as Chief of Quality Assurance at Chiquita- Frupac Company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Rafael Vargas A.

Former Uruguayan Air Force Major (Pilot). Flight instructor.

Expert in Prevention, Flight Security and Air Accident Investigator with courses in Uruguay, Brasil and USA, and wide experience in the field. Security formation.

 Fencing master.

From 2010 to 2015 businessman and Operations Manager at "Rincon Charrúa" Restaurant in Chile. 

Businessman and Estate Broker in

Ramón Roman R.

Commercial Engineer with mention in Administration, Bachelor of Science in Administration (UNAP), Master in Planning and Management of Disaster Risk, mention in Law in Disasters and International Humanitarian Assistance, Diploma in Planning and Management of Disaster Risk (Academia de Guerra Ejército de Chile ), Retired Army Colonel.

During 2013 he served as head of the Chilean delegation that participates in the Humanitarian Rescue and Risk Reduction course, held by the Army Command Academy in Nanjing, the People's Liberation Army of China together with 14 American countries.

Hector Lara I.